Nightmare in Gulfport, MS

Heads up to all RV’ers rolling along the highways and byways near 9500 County Farm Rd, Gulfport, MS 39503. If you break down, stay clear of TSI Diesel Worx!

How ironic that TSI Diesel Worx’s web page claims that customers will be completely satisfied but when you contact them, you are ignored. After several tries, our calls remain unanswered after the shambles TSI made of our Newmar Canyon Star when it broke down and was towed by Culpepers Automotive Service to TSI Diesel Worx for repair. The catalytic converter installed was not what was actually broken, the cost of the wrong part was nearly double the expected cost quoted by Ford, the incorrect part was not installed correctly and leaked toxic exhaust fumes into the RV cab for miles nearly asphyxiating us as we drove.  The repairman said the fumes were “burn off” from the new part. Not true. The fumes were so strong they made us sick so we stopped as we experienced the exact same symptoms previous to being towed to TSI. When we called for help, this over 70-year-old couple was abruptly refused by the repairman saying “try Ford”. We limped into an RV repair facility in Alabama and discovered the catalytic converter TSI installed was not welded but bracketed on and hot exhaust poured out of the gap melting the seals on our parking brake, causing our drive shaft bearing to seize up which caused the shaft to spin and crack the bell housing on our transmission. And the actual broken part was the fuel pump, a known issue with Newmar motorhomes, not the catalytic converter.  Shameful treatment by a company who claims on their web page “we promise you will be completely satisfied with our work. We provide a 12-month, 12,000 mile warranties with all of our services”!  TSI’s repairman didn’t fix the problem for which we were towed in and no help was offered for the precariously dangerous predicament TSI caused. We have tried to contact the owner repeatedly but the office only says they will pass on the message. We have tried to contact the manager with the same result. Our total losses for this 6-week dream trip turned disaster, while headed for a once in a lifetime 50th wedding anniversary celebration, cost us thousands in repairs, non-refundable deposits, hotel bills (as our RV was unable to travel) and food as all our food was in our RV. It was determined by Buddy’s RV that the fuel pump was bad, the catalytic converter had not been the problem and driving the motorhome from Gulfport to Spanish Fort had caused further extensive damage.

I will post be posting our experience of the reprehensible and unprofessional way this company operates on our web page,, describing the treatment we received from TSI Diesel Worx, owned by Kayla Reddell. It may make the millions of hits from people visiting our website think twice about using TSI Diesel Worx. And they’ll tell two people and so on and so on.

Called Josh at the front desk on 9/9/22 at 9am and asked him to have Kayla contact us by Tuesday to have her file a claim with her insurance company to reimburse us for the damage done to our RV by her repairman. If not, we will be forced start an all-out social media campaign letting everyone within a thousand miles know how we were treated. We were ignored and no one has contacted us since.