February 20, 2013

John’s birthday, and tonight is the Elks Lodge Birthday Celebration steak dinner.   We spent the morning having breakfast at a great little café, walked around town admiring the dogwoods that were blooming on every street in town,

Dogwoods in bloom on every street in town

then with the dogs to the dog park,

DeGarmo Dog Park

a visit with our old friend John, from John’s college years (also retired), visiting the Yo-yo Museum where they have the national yo-yo championships,

Yo-yo Museum

finding my grandfather and grandmothers house and Verzi Hall-their girls dorm,

Grandparents house Verzi Hall

then trying to find an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for John’s birthday treat before heading to the Birthday Celebration at the lodge.   Met several more really nice couples far senior to us and enjoyed their company on our last night.  Tomorrow we leave for Harbor, Oregon but plan to take our time and stop a few places overnight along the way.